Nicest Indian I’ve been to for awhile 👌complimentary soup and water out of goblets 🍴✨ (at Green Gates Stirling ( Indian Restaurant ))
I love our new house and our cute little kitty 🙋👭🐱💖
Tea for two ☕️💖
Superdrug loves my student loan 👌
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As if they do a Butterfly Chicken burger now!!!! 👌 (at Nando’s Stirling)
Bad hair day but good eyeliner and bum day 👏 #freshers
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Little house warming present off Alex 😻🙀 #MacCosmetics
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Last meal out with the family for awhile 😿 (at The Beefeater Grill)
My new room all ready in my new house in Stirling 😻😻😻
Can’t believe this was two weeks ago 😿
Anonymous asked: You will be alright. I believe in you ^_^

Aw thank you! Means a lot xx

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